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Bill Morgan
Bill Morgan has amassed over 40 years of farming experience and has become one
of the most respected consultants in the Ozark region. Bill has a background in
cannabis growing reaching back to 1968. It was cannabis that lead him into
commercial organic farming. Bill has built gardens in Washington, Colorado, Hawaii
and Arkansas. He now tends a research for profit hemp farm near Fayetteville in the
Ozark Bioregion. The pristine environment of the mountains of Northwest
Arkansas, with its crystal caves, clean rivers, and limestone bluffs, suits his quest for
the answers to what this plant desires to express itself medicinally. Bill sits on the
Board of the Arkansas Hemp Association and works closely with the University of
Arkansas concerning hemp production.
Camille Martin
Camille Martin is a registered dietitian, health blogger, and senior technical editor for the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention. She is also a former chronic dieter who wasted nearly 25
years of her life on a diet. When she finally quit dieting and started setting and achieving more
meaningful goals, she lost weight without trying. She also made powerful connections between
women’s obsession to lose weight and the cultural conditioning that keeps them locked in a
prison of silence, shame, and limitation. In her book, Love To Lose: Love Your Life and Watch
the Weight Lose Itself, she uses what she learned on her own weight-loss journey to help other
women stop wasting their lives on a diet, embrace everything about themselves, achieve what
they’re truly capable of − and lose weight in the process. She received a Bachelor of Arts in
English from the University of Georgia and a Bachelor of Science in nutrition from Georgia
State University. She is a vegetarian, marathon runner, and avid reader who loves to travel. She
lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her two daughters and their rescue dogs.
Musical Guest: Some Guy Named Rob
Music and Cannabis Pairing: Cannabis Expert MD

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